Tail Spend Management

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What is Tail Spend Management?

In the bustling world of electronics manufacturing, the term tail spend is often thrown around in procurement discussions, yet its optimization is rarely prioritized. The complexity of tail spend management – the intricate web of countless transactions, diverse product categories, and a substantial supplier base – can make it complicated to manage.

Digging into the dynamics of tail spend, we often stumble upon the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule. This rule indicates that 80% of the total organizational spend goes towards only 20% of the suppliers, the key players who command greater management and negotiation efforts. However, the remaining 80% of the suppliers, though smaller in their individual impact, collectively make up around 20% of total expenditures.

The 20% tail spend might seem small, but it holds substantial weight when dealing with electronic component spend running into hundreds of million or billions of dollars. This type of spending is an opportunity for strategic partnerships, to improve cost savings, risk mitigation, and efficiency. It’s time to start taking the ‘tail’ seriously!

MICROCHIP USA'S Tail Spend Management

Microchip USA’s Tail Spend Management service is an innovative solution that revolutionizes how businesses handle their tail spend. Our system combines the capabilities of our electronic component procurement specialists, supply chain specialists, and third-party lab quality control specialists to facilitate and streamline high-volume, non-strategic transactions; this helps free up your team to focus on core, value-adding activities. From quality screening to  supplier management, Microchip USA’s Tail Spend Management provides a comprehensive service to optimize your tail spend and obtain a less complex and more optimized supply chain.

With Microchip USA’s Tail Spend solution, you gain complete confidence in your tail spend. This enables you to make faster and more efficient procurement decisions. Designed with flexibility in mind, our team caters to businesses of different sizes and needs, offering customized pricing and delivery models. Our dedicated client success representatives ensure that you receive the support and attention that you deserve, at any time.

Don’t settle for questionable suppliers who have in-house test labs or payment in advance terms. Partner with Microchip USA, a trusted source for electronic components. We will handle the complexity of reviewing and onboarding the vendor, testing the material for quality via third-party lab, handling the shipments to your dock, and much more. Ask one of our team members today about how we can help manage your tail spend!

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How we Procure Components

Establish Specs and Requirements
We listen to your needs and evaluate different supply chain support systems based on visibility, flexibility, scalability, and integration.
Gather and Analyze Market Data
We collect and compare information on quality, lead time, and pricing from various sources and provide you with a market analysis.
Collaborate on a Solution
We work with you, your team, and partners to find the best solution that meets your needs and budget.
Advocate on Behalf of the Client
We communicate with sources and partners to ensure that they meet your expectations and keep you updated on the order status.
Secure and Test Inventory
We secure the components and test them for quality control using a collection of the industry's top third-party labs to ensure accurate and unbiased results.
Provide Logistic Services
We handle the transportation, paperwork, and shipment information so that you can receive your products safely and efficiently.
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