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Microchip USA was founded by a group of industry veterans united by a common goal: to create something greater than themselves. Since our inception, the team at Microchip USA has worked tirelessly to supply components where they are needed most. We have supported over 100,000 line items and tens of millions of active components across multiple industries.

Our team of purchasing and supply specialists has collectively worked directly or indirectly with over half of the Fortune 500 companies. Historically, our human capital has focused on supporting medical and industrial projects. However, we have also added tremendous value to various industries such as process automation, telecommunications, transportation, green energy, imaging (equipment to sense, transmit, and analyze information), and others.

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We invite trust by revealing that we have nothing to hide. We ensure that our clients are entitled to detailed information related to part quality, lead times, and market conditions.


We develop and implement new ideas to achieve higher levels of excellence. We are constantly improving processes and procedures to make client experiences exceptional.


We collaborate to maximize productivity with minimum wasted efforts. We work closely with our clients to find an ideal solution that fits their productivity needs.

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12 years of experience
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Best industry experts
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Fast & effective sollutions
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Flexible pricing
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Modern approach
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Great client support
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A word from our CEO

Welcome to Microchip USA!

Microchip USA is the premier independent distributor of board-level electronics. Our passionate team is comprised of industry veterans with a proven track record in supply chain support and supplying hard-to-find and obsolete parts.

We understand the challenges our clients face in today’s complex and ever-changing supply chain environment, and we are committed to helping our clients overcome these challenges. Whether you need help finding a specific part or managing your supply chain, we are here to assist you.

Microchip USA is dedicated to providing our partners with the highest level of service. We are always available to answer your questions and find new ways to improve our services.

Thank you for choosing Microchip USA. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Trevor Toma

Chief Executive Officer

We specialize in providing our clients
difficult-to-find components from:

The Microchip USA Team

The Leadership Team

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Trevor Toma

Chief Executive Officer

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Mitch Kogge

Chief Operating Officer

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Jeff Sellen

Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Ayala

Director of Sales

Kimie Koga

Director of Operations

Janaya McCants

Director of Human Resources

Neil Marr

Technology Director