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MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C





The MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C by Micron Technology Inc. represents the pinnacle of performance in the memory category, serving as a vital component in a range of high-demand applications. This innovative component stands out for its high-speed operations and reliability, designed to meet the rigorous requirements of sophisticated systems.

Key Features:

– **Manufacturer**: Micron Technology Inc.
– **Part Number**: MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C
– **Category**: Memory
– **Packaging**: Comes securely packaged in a box to ensure integrity during shipping and storage.
– **Part Status**: Currently active, indicating ongoing support and production by Micron Technology Inc.


The versatility of the MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C makes it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of industries. It is particularly pivotal in:
– Computing platforms where large-scale memory and speed are critical.
– Advanced consumer electronics that demand reliable and fast memory solutions.
– Industrial systems that require durable and enduring memory components under varying operational conditions.
– Telecommunications equipment, supporting the infrastructure with robust memory capabilities for high-speed data transmission and processing.

This memory component is engineered for systems where performance and reliability cannot be compromised. With Micron Technology Inc.’s reputation for excellence in memory technology, the MT61M512M32KPA-14 NIT:C stands as a testament to high-quality engineering, suitable for the most demanding environments and applications.

Additional information

Additional Information

RoHS Status: unknown
Manufacturer Lead Time: 4 week(s)
Product Status: Active
Packaging: Box


Not Available

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Technical Details:
Part StatusActive
ProgrammableNot Verified
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ’61’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Box’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘0’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Active’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2697, ‘ValueId’: ‘750491’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Digi-Key Programmable’, ‘Value’: ‘Not Verified’}]

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