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The MT60B2G8HB-52B IT:G, produced by Micron Technology Inc., stands as a pivotal component within the memory category, tailored specifically for advanced computing applications. This high-capacity memory module is designed to cater to the demanding needs of sectors such as data centers, high-performance computing (HPC), and networking infrastructure, underscoring its versatility and reliability in handling vast datasets and complex computational tasks.

With an active part status, this product is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that ensures sustained performance and durability. Packaged securely in a box, it guarantees safe delivery and long-term storage, reassuring the professionals handling it of its quality and reliability.

While the specific series to which this part belongs is not mentioned, its part number, MT60B2G8HB-52B IT:G, is a testament to Micron Technology Inc.’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the memory component market. This dedication is evident in the product’s design and functionality, which are aligned with the latest advancements in memory technology.

In summary, the MT60B2G8HB-52B IT:G by Micron Technology Inc. represents a critical solution for memory requirements in industries focused on the frontier of technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and applicability in a broad spectrum of high-tech applications.

Additional information

Additional Information

RoHS Status: unknown
Manufacturer Lead Time: 26 week(s)
Product Status: Active
Packaging: Box


Not Available

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Technical Details:
Part StatusActive
ProgrammableNot Verified
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ’61’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Box’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘0’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Active’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2697, ‘ValueId’: ‘750491’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Digi-Key Programmable’, ‘Value’: ‘Not Verified’}]

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