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MT53E256M32D2FW-046 AAT:B TR





The MT53E256M32D2FW-046 AAT:B TR from Micron Technology Inc. represents a pinnacle in memory technology tailored for high-reliability applications, specifically crafted to meet the rigorous standards of the AEC-Q100 series for the automotive industry. This memory component is encased in a 200-TFBGA package, optimized for surface mount technology, ensuring a seamless integration into a variety of advanced electronic assemblies.

Sporting a generous capacity, this memory chip is designed to operate within an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, catering to environments that demand unwavering performance under extreme thermal conditions. The specific package size for this device is 200-TFBGA, with dimensions of 10×14.5, making it an ideal choice for compact yet robust designs.

Structured to withstand the challenges of the automotive sector, this product is not limited to vehicular applications alone. Its reliability and performance parameters make it an excellent choice for other industries that require high endurance and temperature resilience in their memory solutions.

Please note that the MT53E256M32D2FW-046 AAT:B TR is listed as “Last Time Buy,” indicating that its production cycle is nearing completion, making it an essential consideration for projects requiring long-term supply stability.

In summary, the MT53E256M32D2FW-046 AAT:B TR by Micron Technology Inc. embodies a sophisticated memory solution, aligning with the needs of high-reliability sectors by offering durability, extensive temperature range capability, and optimized packaging for advanced integration.

Additional information

Additional Information

Series: Automotive, AEC-Q100
RoHS Status: unknown
Manufacturer Lead Time: 6 week(s)
Product Status: Last Time Buy
Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR)


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Technical Details:
PackagingTape & Reel (TR)
Package / Case200-TFBGA
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Memory Size8Gbit
Memory TypeVolatile
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 105°C (TC)
Voltage - Supply1.06V ~ 1.17V
TechnologySDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4X
Clock Frequency2.133 GHz
Memory FormatDRAM
Supplier Device Package200-TFBGA (10x14.5)
Part StatusLast Time Buy
Write Cycle Time - Word, Page18ns
Memory InterfaceParallel
Access Time3.5 ns
Memory Organization256M x 32
ProgrammableNot Verified
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Tape & Reel (TR)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 16, ‘ValueId’: ‘443972’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Package / Case’, ‘Value’: ‘200-TFBGA’}, {‘ParameterId’: 69, ‘ValueId’: ‘409393’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Mounting Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Surface Mount’}, {‘ParameterId’: 142, ‘ValueId’: ‘640383’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Size’, ‘Value’: ‘8Gbit’}, {‘ParameterId’: 149, ‘ValueId’: ‘420134’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Volatile’}, {‘ParameterId’: 252, ‘ValueId’: ‘212438’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Operating Temperature’, ‘Value’: ‘-40°C ~ 105°C (TC)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 276, ‘ValueId’: ‘681816’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Supply’, ‘Value’: ‘1.06V ~ 1.17V’}, {‘ParameterId’: 570, ‘ValueId’: ‘429754’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Technology’, ‘Value’: ‘SDRAM – Mobile LPDDR4X’}, {‘ParameterId’: 800, ‘ValueId’: ‘2.133 GHz’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Clock Frequency’, ‘Value’: ‘2.133 GHz’}, {‘ParameterId’: 961, ‘ValueId’: ‘340573’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Format’, ‘Value’: ‘DRAM’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1291, ‘ValueId’: ‘443977’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Supplier Device Package’, ‘Value’: ‘200-TFBGA (10×14.5)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘4’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Last Time Buy’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2042, ‘ValueId’: ‘116330’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Write Cycle Time – Word, Page’, ‘Value’: ’18ns’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2043, ‘ValueId’: ‘383917’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Interface’, ‘Value’: ‘Parallel’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2192, ‘ValueId’: ‘3.5 ns’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Access Time’, ‘Value’: ‘3.5 ns’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2689, ‘ValueId’: ‘720256’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Organization’, ‘Value’: ‘256M x 32’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2697, ‘ValueId’: ‘750491’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Digi-Key Programmable’, ‘Value’: ‘Not Verified’}]

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