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MT53E256M32D2DS-046 AAT:B TR





The MT53E256M32D2DS-046 AAT:B TR by Micron Technology Inc. is a crucial memory component tailored for high-reliability applications, especially within the automotive sector, fully compliant with the stringent AEC-Q100 standards. This product is encapsulated in a compact 200-WFBGA package, measuring at 10×14.5, optimized for surface mount technology, which facilitates streamlined integration into various circuit designs. Designed to operate within a broad temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, it assures uninterrupted performance under extreme conditions, a feature critically demanded in automotive and other industrial applications that require robustness and durability. The memory component comes in Tape & Reel packaging, ensuring safe and efficient handling for mass production environments.

With a part status listed as Last Time Buy, this component signifies a critical purchase opportunity for systems requiring long-term support and stability in their memory solutions. Its design and specifications make it a perfect fit for applications beyond automotive, including industrial, healthcare, and smart infrastructure systems, where reliability and endurance are non-negotiable. The MT53E256M32D2DS-046 AAT:B TR stands as a testament to Micron Technology Inc.’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable memory solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of specialized sectors.

Additional information

Additional Information

Series: Automotive, AEC-Q100
RoHS Status: ROHS3 Compliant
Manufacturer Lead Time: 6 week(s)
Product Status: Last Time Buy
Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR)


Not Available

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Technical Details:
PackagingTape & Reel (TR)
Package / Case200-WFBGA
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Memory Size8Gbit
Memory TypeVolatile
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 105°C (TC)
Voltage - Supply1.1V
TechnologySDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4
Clock Frequency2.133 GHz
Memory FormatDRAM
Supplier Device Package200-WFBGA (10x14.5)
Part StatusLast Time Buy
Write Cycle Time - Word, Page-
Memory Interface-
Memory Organization256M x 32
ProgrammableNot Verified
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Tape & Reel (TR)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 16, ‘ValueId’: ‘140924’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Package / Case’, ‘Value’: ‘200-WFBGA’}, {‘ParameterId’: 69, ‘ValueId’: ‘409393’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Mounting Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Surface Mount’}, {‘ParameterId’: 142, ‘ValueId’: ‘640383’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Size’, ‘Value’: ‘8Gbit’}, {‘ParameterId’: 149, ‘ValueId’: ‘420134’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Volatile’}, {‘ParameterId’: 252, ‘ValueId’: ‘212438’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Operating Temperature’, ‘Value’: ‘-40°C ~ 105°C (TC)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 276, ‘ValueId’: ‘45759’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Supply’, ‘Value’: ‘1.1V’}, {‘ParameterId’: 570, ‘ValueId’: ‘400807’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Technology’, ‘Value’: ‘SDRAM – Mobile LPDDR4’}, {‘ParameterId’: 800, ‘ValueId’: ‘2.133 GHz’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Clock Frequency’, ‘Value’: ‘2.133 GHz’}, {‘ParameterId’: 961, ‘ValueId’: ‘340573’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Format’, ‘Value’: ‘DRAM’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1291, ‘ValueId’: ‘140925’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Supplier Device Package’, ‘Value’: ‘200-WFBGA (10×14.5)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘4’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Last Time Buy’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2042, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Write Cycle Time – Word, Page’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 2043, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Interface’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 2689, ‘ValueId’: ‘720256’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Memory Organization’, ‘Value’: ‘256M x 32’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2697, ‘ValueId’: ‘750491’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Digi-Key Programmable’, ‘Value’: ‘Not Verified’}]

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