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IC REG LINEAR 5.05V 1.5A TO3-2




The LM309K STEEL/NOPB, crafted by Texas Instruments, stands as a testament to the precision and reliability for which Texas Instruments is renowned. Falling under the linear category, this high-quality component doesn’t associate with a specific series but is inherently distinguished by its robust design and performance metrics.

Packaged thoughtfully in a tray to ensure safe handling and delivery, the LM309K STEEL/NOPB adopts the TO-204AA, TO-3 package, a testament to its durability and ease of integration into a multitude of circuit designs. Its through-hole mounting type further accentuates its user-friendliness, allowing for straightforward soldering onto printed circuit boards, a feature especially appreciated in manufacturing and repair operations.

Operating efficiently across a temperature range of 0°C to 125°C, this component exhibits versatility in performance under varying environmental conditions, underscoring its suitability for a broad spectrum of applications. The supplier device package is designated as TO-3-2, alluding to its specific configuration within the TO-3 category, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of equipment designs.

As an active part in Texas Instruments’ product lineup, the LM309K STEEL/NOPB remains a preferred choice for professionals in industries such as power management, automotive systems, and renewable energy solutions, primarily due to its reliability and performance consistency. Its prowess in linear voltage regulation makes it indispensable in ensuring stable operations across these critical sectors, securing its role as a fundamental component in the development and maintenance of sophisticated electronic systems.

Additional information

Additional Information

RoHS Status: ROHS3 Compliant
Manufacturer Lead Time: 6 week(s)
Product Status: Active
Packaging: Tray


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Technical Details:
Package / CaseTO-204AA, TO-3
Output TypeFixed
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Current - Output1.5A
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 125°C
Output ConfigurationPositive
Current - Quiescent (Iq)5.2 mA
Voltage - Input (Max)25V
Number of Regulators1
Supplier Device PackageTO-3-2
Voltage - Output (Max)-
Voltage - Output (Min/Fixed)5.05V
Control Features-
Part StatusActive
Voltage Dropout (Max)-
Protection FeaturesOver Temperature
Current - Supply (Max)10 mA
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ’17’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Tray’}, {‘ParameterId’: 16, ‘ValueId’: ‘413030’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Package / Case’, ‘Value’: ‘TO-204AA, TO-3’}, {‘ParameterId’: 41, ‘ValueId’: ‘347431’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Output Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Fixed’}, {‘ParameterId’: 69, ‘ValueId’: ‘411897’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Mounting Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Through Hole’}, {‘ParameterId’: 129, ‘ValueId’: ‘55041’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Current – Output’, ‘Value’: ‘1.5A’}, {‘ParameterId’: 252, ‘ValueId’: ‘38908’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Operating Temperature’, ‘Value’: ‘0°C ~ 125°C’}, {‘ParameterId’: 255, ‘ValueId’: ‘389019’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Output Configuration’, ‘Value’: ‘Positive’}, {‘ParameterId’: 477, ‘ValueId’: ‘5.2 mA’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Current – Quiescent (Iq)’, ‘Value’: ‘5.2 mA’}, {‘ParameterId’: 573, ‘ValueId’: ‘159247’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Input (Max)’, ‘Value’: ’25V’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1065, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Number of Regulators’, ‘Value’: ‘1’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1291, ‘ValueId’: ‘413602’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Supplier Device Package’, ‘Value’: ‘TO-3-2’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1429, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Output (Max)’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 1779, ‘ValueId’: ‘230156’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Output (Min/Fixed)’, ‘Value’: ‘5.05V’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1880, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Control Features’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘0’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Active’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2064, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘PSRR’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 2065, ‘ValueId’: ‘1’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage Dropout (Max)’, ‘Value’: ‘-‘}, {‘ParameterId’: 2066, ‘ValueId’: ‘382895’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Protection Features’, ‘Value’: ‘Over Temperature’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2196, ‘ValueId’: ’10 mA’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Current – Supply (Max)’, ‘Value’: ’10 mA’}]

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