White House Council Unveils Supply Chain Resilience Center

During their meeting the White House Concil, on Supply Chain Resilience introducted an established government organization called the Supply Chain Resilience Center (RSCRC). President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas announced that the SCRC will collaborate with sector entities to enhance the security of our supply chains. The main objectives of the SCRC include analyzing vulnerabilities, engaging in scenario planning with stakeholders to mitigate disruptions ensuring efficient delivery of goods and services and reducing costs for the American people.

Secretary Mayorkas highlighted the sognificance of safeguarding infrastructure in order to maintain competitiveness in today’s economy. He emphasized that the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the necessity for resilient supply chains. The SCRC will proactively anticipate disruptions caused by conflicts, political instability, and climate change and play a role in preventing such disruptions as part of the Biden Harris Administration’s efforts.

To protect supply chains and their associated infrastructure from risks, including those posed by adversaries and emerging technologies, the SCRC will leverage the Department of Homeland Security authorities, capabilities, and data sources.

When the SCRC is launced it will undertake initiatives;

Working closely with port authorities, operators, shipping companies, transportation providers, logistics firms and other industry stakeholders as well, as the U.S. Department of Transportation to identify and address security vulnerabilities at U.S. Seaports.

Collaborating with the Department of Commerce and private sector partners to ensure the security and resilience of the semiconductor supply chain while implementing the CHIPS Act effectively.

Joining forces with industry experts to determine how the U.S. Government can guarantee that valuable infrastructure owners and operators can continue providing goods and services to Americans even during disruptions or shortages.

Planning to conduct a minimum of two tabletop exercises in 2024 in collaboration with other U.S. Federal agencies, foreign governments, and industry partners. These exercises will test the resilience of border supply chains.

In the future, Secretary Mayorkas will organize a discussion involving representatives from port operations cargo industries, U.S. importers, and exporters. This session aims to gather feedback on the SCRC’s work and understand how it can better support these businesses.

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