UVM and GlobalFoundries Partner to Establish Semiconductor Lab for Students

The University of Vermont and GlobalFoundries have achieved an incredible milestone – creating a specialized semiconductor lab made to educate students and further the advancement of technology. This union offers both performance benefits and learning opportunities for college students, with two vital faculties acting as its cornerstone: the Clean Room and the Device Characterization Lab. This venture will contribute not only to the education system, but also to the practice force of GlobalFoundries. One thing is certain: this innovative partnership will bring about great success.

Building Upon Success

The University of Vermont and GlobalFoundries have partnered together to push the boundaries of modern semiconductor technology and create skilled workers of the next generation. In doing so, the pair brings together a successful history of internships and senior projects to capitalize on state-of-the-art semiconductor equipment. They are creating an opportunity to foster experiential learning while encouraged exploration into the company’s leading technology. This collaboration ignites excitement as the state of Vermont can now challenge the innovators of the future in the engineering field.

Driving Technological Innovation

GlobalFoundries recently took a major step in its relationship with UVM, investing $35 million in federal funding to produce gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors. With this investment comes immense opportunities for expertise to be learnt and exchanged, in order to help develop GaN technology. This technology holds numerous possibilities in enhancing components used for electric vehicles, together with countless other applications. With this in mind, this investment could be beneficial for GlobalFoundries and UVM down the line.

Empowering Future Innovators

The Devices Characterization Lab offers students something invaluable—the opportunity for valuable hands-on experience. Here, they can learn all the skills needed to become a viable member of the semiconductor industry. Not to mention, this program also focuses on semiconductor engineering and physics, making it the perfect addition for traditional engineering degrees. Through its specialized courses and individual attention, students come away with the essential knowledge they need to be successful.

A Milestone for Vermont

The highly anticipated ribbon cutting ceremony has officially arrived — marking a momentous occasion for the University of Vermont. For the first time maritime, Vermont is now proudly home to its very own educational semiconductor lab, the fruition of a careful and collaborative partnership between UVM and GlobalFoundries. The lab serves to lay the foundation for a new era in delivery of semiconductor education not only in the local area, but statewide. This great achievement has only been made essentially due to generous equipment donation by GlobalFoundries, a donation that reaches far and beyond the shores it’s donated from. This new lab celebrates growth, increased access to education, and engrained legacy of establishing excellence. It is a potentially life-changing shift in opportunity for students and educators in the area.

A Specialized Curriculum

UVM is enhancing the future of Semiconductor engineering and physics with the Undergraduate Certificate in Semiconductor Engineering and Physics (UCSEP). Developed in collaboration with GlobalFoundries, this unique program provides hands-on experience – a feat rarely obtainable at the undergraduate level. With 17 credits of coursework, students gain the practical skills necessary to further their understanding of advanced technological systems and equipment. AUCSEP emphasizes experience, arming students with the tools they need to make a lasting impact on this ever-evolving field down the line.

Anticipating Future Growth

The US government’s monumental allocation of over $50 billion in funding for semiconductor research heralds a bright future in the industry. This unprecedentedly forward-looking initiative dovetails conveniently with the mission of the University Consortium for Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Innovation (UCSEP): to nurture the next generation of professionals driving innovation in the semiconductor field. Clearly recognizing the expanding industry demands for qualified, skillful professionals, this uncommon US stimulus has set the stage for the semiconductor research solutions of the future.

From Lab to Industry

GlobalFoundries have just empowered students with a generous investment in the Device Characterizatoin Lab, after donating essential equipment to the program. This donation provides students with a wide range of useful tools, enabling them to engage in hands-on learning and digital data analysis. Through this real-world experience, participants can gain valuable insight into the intricate process of semiconductor failure analysis and characterization. Students can develop a better understanding of the intricate design and ongoing production of semiconductors. Unlocking the door to professional development for all who leverage this gift.

A Pathway to Success

UVM is leveraging its partnership with GlobalFoundries to establish itself as an authoritative figure in semiconductor development. Using this platform, the university’s students can gain direct access to the rapidly expanding high-tech semiconductor industry. By working on hands-on industry projects first-hand, students can get the necessary skills to drive innovation and positively impact the realm of technology. UVM grads will carry their learning with them, preparing to shape the future of business.


The University of Vermont and GlobalFoundries have joined forces to forge a pathbreaking collaboration. This marks a milestone for the semiconductor industry in Vermont as it opens up the world of educational opportunities to students. Through this partnership, these students will be exposed to new and innovative developments in the field of semiconductors. Powered by knowledge and expertise from UVM and GlobalFoundries, the next generation of forward-thinking innovators are taking a major step towards shaping the future of technology. On top of that, the state of Vermont is gaining worldwide recognition for its advancements in the semiconductor market. Unparalleled support and education offered by these two institutions are actively driving creativity, innovation, and industry best practices. Together, UVM and GlobalFoundries are propelling the industry and bringing about a monumental turnaround for the state of Vermont.

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