Nvidia’s Expansion in Asia

Nvidia, a technology company, plans to establish a semiconductor hub in Vietnam by 2024. The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, shared this news during his visit to the country expressing the company’s desire to strengthen partnerships with leading Vietnamese companies such as Viettel, FPT, Vingroup, and VNG. The ultimate aim is to enhance Vietnam’s intelligence capabilities and improve its infrastructure.

Huang highlighted that Vietnam is already a partner for  Nvidia with millions of clients. These developments align with the US-Vietnam Comprehensive Strategic partnership recently announced by the White House, which focuses on advancements and semiconductor cooperation. As part of this partnership, initiatives for workforce development in Vietnam will also be prioritized. 

During discussions about this relationship, Pham Minh Chinh (Vietnam’s Prime Minister), John Neuffer (CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association), and leaders from US semiconductor companies met in Ha Noi with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation.

Nguyen Chi Dzung (Vietnam’s Investment Minister) publicly expressed the country’s readiness to attract investment in both the semiconductor and AI sectors. He extended an invitation to Nvidia to consider establishing a research and development facility in Vietnam.

Nvidia has shown interest, in collaborating with a manufacturing partner based in Vietnam, which is becoming a popular destination for tech manufacturing. Coletter Kressm Nvidia’s Chief Financial Officer, confirmed this during a UBS conference.

Expanding beyond Vietnam, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang visited Malaysia, announcing a partnership with YTL Power to establish AI infrastructure by mid-2024. This infrastructure will incorporate Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Huang sees Malaysia as a hub for AI manufacturing. 

Furthermore, reports suggest that Nvidia is working closely with its manufacturing partner, Taiwan Semiconductor, to set up a facility in Kumamoto, Japan, by February. Production at this facility is expected to commence in the quarter of 2024. 

Additionally, the company has plans for facilities in Japan to manufacture chips using 5nm and 3nm processes.

These ambitious expansion efforts are part of Nvidia’s strategy to meet the demand for its cutting-edge GPUs. Currently, some of their products have lead times of up to 52 weeks for shipment.

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