Analog Devices $1 Billion Investment in Oregon Facility Expansion

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Analog Devices is celebrating a momentous achievement with a colossal investment of over $1 billion in expanding its cutting-edge semiconductor wafer fab located in Beaverton, Oregon. The Beaverton site, established back in 1978, proudly stands as ADI’s largest wafer fabrication consumer and healthcare.

As part of this significant investment, ADI is undertaking a substantial expansion, providing an additional 118,000 square feet of cleanroom space. This expansion will nearly double the internal manufacturing capacity for products utilizing advanced 180-nanometer technology and above. Beyond its technological advancements, the project is expected to create hundreds of new, long-term job opportunities, significantly boosting ADI’s existing workforce of approximately 950 in Oregon. 

Notably, ADI prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in its expansion plans. A noteworthy fraction of the total investment, over 10%, has been allocated to acquiring state-of-the-art fab tools that emphasize enhanced efficiency and utilize green chemistries. Strikingly, despite the remark increase in production output, ADI is setting ambitious goals to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 75% and slash water usage per production unit by about 50%.

Vincent Roche, Analog Device’s CEO, and Chair, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, remarking on how it fortifies the company’s manufacturing capacity across critical industries. He noted that the expansion aligns with the CHIPS Act’s vision, bolstering domestic manufacturing and enhancing the global resilience of ADI’s hybrid manufacturing model. Vincent acknowledged that this ambitious endeavor is only achievable through the deication thorughn the dedication and talent of ADI’s exisiting workforce, as well as tapping into the vast pool of talent in Oregon.

In a move to enrich the local community and invest in its workforce, the Beaverton facility is set to host the esteemed Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing University (SAMU). It is envisioned as a hub for workforce development, offering comprehensive eight-week courses in semiconductor equipment maintenance. With a focus on inclusivity, SAMU aims to train diverse groups, including U.S. military veterans, individuals re-entering the workforce, and ADI factory operators. The ultimate goal is to equip these individuals with fundamental semiconductor manufacturing skills and other valuable knowledge to foster their professional growth. 

ADI’s hybrid manufacturing model, a versatile network comprising both internal factories and external partners, has proven invaluable. This approach enables effective management of operations across various economic cycles, strengthens the global supply chain, and ensures top-notch service for clients. To further boost its internal operations, ADI has significantly increased its capital investment to a high single-digit percentage of revenue, surpassing historical norms, during fiscal years 2022 and 2023. This grand investment in manufacturing is not exclusive to Beaverton. ADI has made substantial investments in other strategic locations worldwide, including states within the United States and countries such as Ireland, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

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