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The A42MX16-TQG176I, manufactured by Microchip Technology, belongs to the MX series of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This advanced component is packaged in a 176-LQFP (Low Quad Flat Package), with a substantial offering of 140 I/O ports, making it highly versatile for a wide range of applications. Its surface mount design ensures a compact and reliable integration into various circuit boards.

Operating within a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, the A42MX16-TQG176I is engineered to perform in challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliability and functionality across diverse operational scenarios. The device is housed in a 176-TQFP package, with dimensions of 24x24mm, blending compactness with the robust capability.

This FPGA is actively used across multiple industries, including but not limited to, telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. Its flexibility, combined with high I/O port count, allows designers and engineers to program and implement complex logic circuits tailored to specific project needs.

Microchip Technology’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the design and manufacturing of the A42MX16-TQG176I, ensuring that it meets the rigorous demands of professional-grade electronics design and development. As an active component, this FPGA continues to support the development of next-generation technologies and applications, solidifying its role in the future of electronics engineering.

Additional information

Additional Information

Series: MX
RoHS Status: ROHS3 Compliant
Manufacturer Lead Time: 20 week(s)
Product Status: Active
Packaging: Tray


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Technical Details:
Package / Case176-LQFP
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Number of Gates24000
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C (TA)
Voltage - Supply3V ~ 3.6V, 4.5V ~ 5.5V
Supplier Device Package176-TQFP (24x24)
Part StatusActive
Number of I/O140
ProgrammableNot Verified
[{‘ParameterId’: 7, ‘ValueId’: ’17’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Packaging’, ‘Value’: ‘Tray’}, {‘ParameterId’: 16, ‘ValueId’: ‘111758’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Package / Case’, ‘Value’: ‘176-LQFP’}, {‘ParameterId’: 69, ‘ValueId’: ‘409393’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Mounting Type’, ‘Value’: ‘Surface Mount’}, {‘ParameterId’: 151, ‘ValueId’: ‘24000’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Number of Gates’, ‘Value’: ‘24000’}, {‘ParameterId’: 252, ‘ValueId’: ‘212621’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Operating Temperature’, ‘Value’: ‘-40°C ~ 85°C (TA)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 276, ‘ValueId’: ‘202826’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Voltage – Supply’, ‘Value’: ‘3V ~ 3.6V, 4.5V ~ 5.5V’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1291, ‘ValueId’: ‘111801’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Supplier Device Package’, ‘Value’: ‘176-TQFP (24×24)’}, {‘ParameterId’: 1989, ‘ValueId’: ‘0’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Part Status’, ‘Value’: ‘Active’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2208, ‘ValueId’: ‘140’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Number of I/O’, ‘Value’: ‘140’}, {‘ParameterId’: 2697, ‘ValueId’: ‘750491’, ‘Parameter’: ‘Digi-Key Programmable’, ‘Value’: ‘Not Verified’}]

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