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Your 'Local' IC Sourcing Partner


Microchip Europe is your dedicated integrated circuit sourcing and supply chain management services provider, located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Recognizing the ever-present need for localized assistance in IC sourcing, Microchip Europe was established to provide seamless service across varying time zones, ensuring we’re available when you need us.

Microchip Europe is not just a geographical presence. It is a promise to you, our European partners and clients, of dedicated support tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team is equipped to navigate through intricate tariff regulations, address international taxation variances, handle specialized shipping requirements, and comply with numerous material-handling mandates.

By bringing our service closer to you, we aim to optimize the sales, fulfillment, and support processes, leaving no stone unturned. Welcome to a world of local, yet global, service excellence. Microchip Europe is here to make the difference in your integrated circuit needs.

Why choose Microchip Europe?

Smooth Communication and Support
Microchip Europe shares your time zone and your language, ensuring streamlined communication and swift resolution of any concerns.
Reduced Shipping Times and Costs
Microchip Europe uses regional component sources whenever possible, often resulting in shorter delivery times and potentially lower shipping, tax, and duty costs.
Regulatory Compliance
Being a European company, we are thoroughly familiar with and strictly adhere to EU regulations, mitigating any compliance concerns.
Reliable After-sales Service
With Microchip Europe support staff in your time zone, we can provide quicker and more effective after-sales service, including technical support and warranty handling.
Stable Pricing
Microchip Europe purchasing process run in Euro, protecting you from cost fluctuations due to exchange rate changes.
Improved client support
By working with Microchip Europe, you can build a direct and personal business relationship with our staff. This not only improves communication but also often leads to better service and potential future collaboration opportunities.

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