Analog Devices Clock and Timing Products

What are Clock and Timing Products?

Clock and Timing products are devices that are crucial, in generating, distributing, translating, and managing clock signals within an electronic system. These devices produce timing signals in the form of oscillating pulses to synchronize the operation of components in the system. They play a role in a range of devices, from everyday household electronics to complex industrial systems and high-speed communication networks.

Key Features and Technologies

Analog Devices’ Clock and Timing products are renowned for their exceptional performance and advanced features. These devices leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver precise and reliable timing signals, making them indispensable in various critical applications.

Precision and Accuracy

Precision and Accuracy are fundamental characteristics of any clock or timing device. Analog Devices products excel at generating accurate timing signals. This level of precision is achieved through engineering techniques ensuring that the timing signals remain stable under challenging operating conditions.

Flexibility and Programmability

Analog Devices recognizes the significance of timing, in applications. Even the slightest deviation in timing can have an impact on performance. That’s why they have designed their clock and timing products to be highly flexible and programmable, understanding that different applications have requirements for clock frequencies, phases, and timing parameters. Users can easily customize these parameters according to their needs, making these devices suitable for various applications such as telecommunications, data centers, industrial automation, and test and measurement equipment.

Low Jitter

Jitter is a factor to consider when it comes to clock and timing devices. It refers to the variation in the timing of a clock signal, which can negatively affect systems performance. Analog Devices has engineered their clock. Timing products with a focus on minimizing jitter. This ensures that clean and stable clock signals are generated, leading to high-quality timing signals that enhance the system’s overall performance. 

Synchronization Capabilities

In systems and networks where multiple components need synchronization, coordination is crucial. Analog Devices clock recovery and distribution devices and equipped with advanced synchronization features that allow timing alignment across systems and networks. This ensures operation and coordination among elements within the system or network. 

Whether it is the coordination of devices in a data center or the alignment of timing in a telecommunications network, Analog Devices, clock recovery, and distribution devices offer the synchronization capabilities required to maintain system coherence and improve overall performance. 

Product Lines

Clock Generators

AD99548: The AD9548 is a programmable clock generator and synchronization processor. It integrates an array of features, such as phase locked loops (PLLs) digital dividers and delay locked loops (DLLs) to deliver clock generation and synchronization for various applications.

AD9508: The AD9508 is a low jitter clock generator that utilizes a fractional N PLL architecture. It allows users to generate frequencies with control over the output phase. This adaptability makes it suitable for applications, including telecommunications, instrumentation, and wireless infrastructure.

Clock Recovery and Distribution

AD9554: The AD9554 is an integrated clock recovery and distribution device that enables synchronization of multiple systems. It can handle input signals from sources like Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and optical networks, making it ideal for network synchronization purposes.

AD9547: The AD9547 combines functions into one device as both a clock generator and synchronization processor. It offers the flexibility to generate clock frequencies and synchronize them with references. This makes it suitable for a range of application systems.

AD9553: The AD9553 is a device for clock distribution and synchronization that provides timing signals for a wide variety of applications. It supports input and output formats like SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and Synchronous Ethernet, making it ideal for network synchronization and data communication systems. 

Applications of Analog Devices’ Clock and Timing Products

Analog Devices clock and timing products are components in industries and systems. Known for their precision, accuracy, and reliability, these devices have applications in fields such as communications, industrial automation, test and measurement, and instrumentation.


In the field of communications maintaining timing is crucial. AnalogDevices clock generators and synchronization processors play a role in this sector. They are utilized in base stations to generate timing signals that enable efficient data transmission and reception. In networks, these devices ensure the synchronization of data packets, which is critical for high-speed data transmission.

Furthermore, in the realm of data communication systems, these clock and timing devices play a role in maintaining the alignment of timing for reliable and efficient exchange of data.

Industrial Automation

In automation the utilization of control systems like computers or robots along with information technologies is key to managing processes and machinery. Clock and timing devices from Analog Devices are essential here. They ensure synchronized operation across processes providing precise timing control that is critical in manufacturing processes, robotics and process control applications. These devices contribute by delivering stable timing signals that enhance the efficiency and productivity of industrial automation systems. 

Test and Measurement

For measurements and analysis in test and measurement equipment, precise timing references are required. Whether it’s oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, or network analyzers, Analog Devices, clock generators, and synchronization devices are extensively used in these instruments. They supply the timing signals needed for capturing data as well as analyzing it effectively. This ensures the reliability and accuracy of test and measurement results. 


Instrumentation systems involve designing and utilizing instruments to measure quantities like temperature, pressure, or flow. In systems, clock and timing products play a role in precisely synchronizing acquisition, signal processing, as well, as control functions. By ensuring timing and synchronization, these devices play a role, in enabling instrumentation systems to provide accurate and dependable measurements. This level of precision is highly important across applications ranging from research to industrial process control.


Analog Devices offers a range of clock and timing products that cover all aspects of generating, recovering, and distributing timing signals. These products incorporate features and high-performance technologies to cater to a range of applications. They are designed to ensure reliability and accuracy in systems across industries such as telecommunications, industrial automation, and test and measurement. With Analog Devices clock and timing products, you can rely on precision and stability for performance. 

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